Google rolls out Gemini Nano to the Pixel 8a and a lifesaving feature to the Pixel Watch 2:

Multiple Pixel devices are getting new features as part of Google’s June Feature Drop. Some introduce long-awaited AI tech, while others could potentially save your life. 

Beginning with the former, Gemini Nano is finally on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a after months of waiting. It’ll be the driving force behind several on-device tools, such as Summarize in Recorder. Thanks to the upgrade, the app can now create “more detailed… summaries” than before. It’ll even include the names of speakers, so you’ll know who’s talking when looking back at the transcript. However, there is an important distinction to make with Gemini Nano on these two Pixel 8 models.

It will only be available as a “developer option”, according to the blog post. This means you’ll have to activate the AI functionality yourself, as it won’t be on by default. Instructions on how to enable Gemini Nano on the Pixel 8 devices can be found on the company’s Pixel Phone Help website. There is more to the drop besides AI, though, as these smartphones are gaining an interesting collection of features. 

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