The best smart glasses 2024: the top AI and AR glasses you can find:

Following the demise of Google Glass you’d be forgiven for believing smart glasses had faded into tech oblivion. It’s quite the opposite in fact, with the best smart glasses impressing users all over the globe.

In recent years this semi-forgotten sector has entered its renaissance era with gadgets incorporating a mix of AI or AR into a nifty wearable. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites so you can browse them here.

One thing you should note is that these reinvigorated smart glasses are still fairly new to the tech scene. That means we’re still in the early adopter stages of their life cycle – so you can expect slightly higher prices for slightly less impressive tech relative to more established gadgets like the best wireless earbuds, best laptops, or the best smartwatches which you may feel offer better bang for your buck.

That’s not to say the following smart specs aren’t awesome in their own right – they’re one of the most wow-inducing gadgets we’ve tested in recent years – but equally, they won’t be perfect and they won’t be something everyone needs right now. With that in mind let’s go through which smart glasses we think are the best.

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